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There are many ways of workouts to keep fit and stay healthy, for example, running, jogging, swimming, weight training or going to a gym.

But there is one type of exercise you can perform indoors without going anywhere. That is using treadmill.

Running or jogging on the treadmill brings more benefits than you expect!

So, what are these advantages of treadmill exercises? Let’s find out!

Features of treadmill workouts

Treadmill is an indoor device that helps us to exercise by walking or running in one place. It has a moving belt acting as a running surface. This belt moves to the rear, requiring you to walk or run at the speed matching that of the belt. In other words, the rate of the belt’s moves is also the rate of your walking or running.

Nowadays, treadmill is classified into two categories: motorized and manual models.

Motorized treadmill uses power and electric motors to move the running surface and requires users to run or jog on it to practice. This model is more complex and expensive.

Motorized treadmill

In contrast, manual treadmill only uses force from your feet to move the running surface. And of course, it is simpler, lighter, and cheaper.

Manual treadmill

No matter what type of treadmill is, treadmill workouts are suitable for all fitness levels. You can totally control the speed and incline of the platform.

Benefits of using treadmills

# Benefits to your health

●     It is good for your heart.

Do you know treadmill workouts are very useful in treating heart diseases or other cardiac problems? It can closely monitor your vital signs because only when the body is under pressure, the symptoms of heart diseases will be shown.

Moreover, treadmill workouts help improve blood circulation, strengthen your heart, thus lowering blood pressure.

In other words, running or walking on the treadmill helps to get the blood flowing, which lowers the stress on your heart.

Treadmill exercises also lower bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) and raise good cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein) simultaneously.

Therefore, it contributes to protecting you against blood vessel diseases and improve your cardiovascular health.

●     It is good for your muscles, too.

This benefit is obvious, right?

Running consecutively on a treadmill will strengthen your calves, butt and quadriceps muscles.

●     It helps to get your body in shape.

The most recognizable advantage of using treadmills is that you can lose weight faster!

In fact, of all other forms of indoor exercises, running on a treadmill is the fastest way to burns calories. It also reduces excessive fat, keeps you fit, enhances your endurance, and improves your athletic speed as well as performance.

If you combine running on a treadmill with healthy changes such as a balanced diet, you will reach your weight goal soon!

If you want to burn even more calories, you can follow HIIT (high-intensity interval training) principles. To be specific, you alternate rounds of running at a medium pace with shorter rounds of running at a much faster rate.

But remember, do not do intensive exercise like this regularly! It is advised that you only should do HIIT sessions twice or three times a week, and each time lasts 20 minutes.

●     It is good for people with diabetes.

Treadmill workouts encourage everybody to exercise regularly. But do you know it also contributes to controlling the levels of insulin in type 2 diabetics?

According to scientists, regular workouts lower the levels of blood sugar and blood glucose in diabetic patients!

Therefore, diabetic patients should consult their doctor to have a suitable exercise regime because highly intense exercise will have the opposite effect –  raising blood sugar levels.

A regular sleep cycle is another important factor in creating stable levels blood sugar levels, too. Luckily, regular workouts also help to regulate the hormones that evoke sleep.

So, it is a very good treatment of insomnia.

Besides health benefits, treadmills workout brings many other conveniences.

# Benefits of conveniences

●     Weather is not a problem anymore!

If you jog outside, you have to take notice of the weather forecast. But now, with treadmill workouts,  you can exercise anytime irrespective of the weather condition.

●     You will be safe from unexpected situations.

If you run on an in-home treadmill, you will avoid risks such as traffic jams, accidents, environmental pollution or even robbery.

Parents with young children will not have to worry about leaving the child alone at home when running outside as before.

●     The treadmill is a relatively easy exercise equipment to use, even if you are a beginner.

You can also easily control and adjust the speed, incline or other custom programs to best suit to your current health condition.

If you are worried about uneven terrain, curbs, and sidewalks, or have difficulty in walking uphill, the running surface of the treadmill is flat and predictable.

You want to boost the intensity of a run? Some treadmills even have programs which users can simulate terrains, for example, rolling hills.

In addition, health parameters such as heart rate, calories consumption, step counters, and energy spent are tracked and updated continuously, so that you can adjust the intensity of the exercise based on this fitness progress.

●     Treadmill workouts will be full of fun.

Does running all the time make you feel bored? If you use treadmills, you can run, watch television, read or listen to music at the same time. Therefore your exercise session will be much more interesting.

treadmill workouts

To sum up

As you can see, using treadmills brings you a lot of health benefits as well as conveniences that other types of exercise cannot offer.

If your goal is to improve cardiovascular fitness, to burn calories, to keep fit and stay healthy, or to be a competitive runner for marathon events, a treadmill will satisfy all your needs.

Let exercising on a treadmill be a habit and a joyful physical health training!

If you know more about treadmill workouts and training regimes, share with us! Thank you for reading.

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