BestMassage EC-06C Review

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If you’re searching for the best massage chairs on the market, then you have probably encountered the bestmassage EC-06C on search results. It is one of the massage chairs that users opt for when looking for the total benefits that a product like it can provide them with anytime.

It is one of the top-rated products on marketplaces today and for reasons.The EC massage chair offers users with plenty of relaxation and rejuvenation benefits that they can get anytime they wish to without traveling to a massage center or spa. The shiatsu massage chair ranks high because it is not only high quality but also affordable versus other products in the category are.
Yet, the EC massage chair also offers top technologies to find in expensive models out there. The maker keeps up with the standards that consumers are looking for when shopping around for this kind of equipment. Today, we’re going to take a look and highlight the reasons that consumers are choosing the massage chair over other choices.

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Why choose bestmassage EC-06c?


BestMassage EC-06C Specs

Product Dimensions: 55 x 35 x 42 inches; 185 pounds
Shipping Weight: 300 pounds
Cover: The chair is covered in faux leather.

Benefits of the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

The massage chair with recliner stretched footrest is designed and built with users in mind, providing them with the comfort and improved well-being for simply using this machine daily.

Patients who are suffering from a poor blood flow or posture or those suffering from lower back pain, neck pain and other chronic body aches and pains are taking advantage of the muscle relief and aid that the EC chair can give them.

It functions by increasing the blood flow and loosening up any tight and sore muscles of the body. These elements are a few reasons for poor blood circulation and muscle aches.

Individuals who are recovering or suffering from a sports injury can also benefit from the differing intensity levels and soothing programs that are built into this product. Using a massage chair like it also gets rid of toxins and impurities in the body for its ability of improving blood flow.

EC-06 Coverage

The product is a full chair recliner, which has the ability of covering all body areas, such as your neck and feet, and all the rest. Its maker has also added a feature, which works by targeting TSUBO points. These points are the stress-relieving pressure areas.

Adding to the full coverage are the 30 airbags that are built into the unit. Did you know that 20 of those are also strategically positioned in the chair’s lower portion? It simply means that it can give you with the full massage on the different parts of the body, including your calves, thighs and legs.

Moreover, the design of the chair allows for a very long range of massage that can reach up to the upper portions of the neck and then down to the tailbone’s lower portion because of its efficient rollers.

Best Massage Chair Program Offers

Did you know that the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair has different built-programs that can provide you with the immediate relaxation with the push of a button?

These are the Refresh Program, Extend Program, Recovery Program and Relax Program. Every program is designed to suit your varying needs. You can also change or adjust the level of intensity when needed for that intense massage you deserve. Each of them also offers you with deep penetrating massage into the tissues (intense modes) or gives you that gentle touch to unwind and relax every night (gentle modes). Plus, all these programs are made more effective by the roller systems, which work by conforming to the shape of your back, while at the same time touching all body areas that need pampering.

Massage Types

When shopping around for a massage chair, look for one that allows you to change the settings and choose from the different techniques of massages used by masseurs. The product is one of the most reliable around for the varying types of massages that it offers users anytime.

One is the shiatsu massage given through the power rollers coming with the product. These rollers are able to reduce fatigue, relax the muscles and refresh the body and mind.

Both the percussions and compressions methods further the benefits of the product. They aim to improve your range of motion, flexibility and mobility. So whether you’re a baby boomer, an athlete or simply someone looking to improve on these areas, you can depend on the electric massage chair.

You will also feel as if you’re having human hands massaging your body with the chop action, which mimics real movements, such as flapping and tapping to reduce muscle tension and stiffness and muscle stress and soreness. There is also a kneading action, which works by alleviating kinks and knots and getting rid of muscle pain.

What other benefits can you get from the EC-06 Chair?

It has a high-powered vibration motor plus air pressure that is able to give you that effective massage in your butt area.

In addition, there are the 30 airbags combined with the heat smart roller system that helps in loosening tense muscle areas and in soothing back pain. It provides you with the comfort of heat, while the roller system refreshes and loosens.

The product is also an automatic chair – with the ability of lowering or raising the backrest as well as the leg or foot ottoman by just pressing a button. You can find all the settings and controls in the easy to access panel.


• It is one of the most affordable massage chairs on the market, yet it has the same innovative features to find in higher end models on the market. You will find those comfort and relaxation functions you’d expect from a more expensive product.

• The product is sold with an instructional video, which gives you information on ways to operate and assemble it.

• Even tall users can use it and feel the comfort even in their arms.

• The chair is very easy to assemble.


• The chair is bulky and heavy, weighing about 300 pounds. There are a few reports saying that they had to take their doors off the hinge so that they can get it inside their homes. Even if it is bulky and heavy, on the other hand, the chair is easy to move around the house.


The EC-06 massage chair is one of the most economical choices on the market, no doubt. It is very affordable yet it provides users with the same intelligent features that higher priced models on the market can.

The product also offers different massage settings and intensity levels and has built-in programs that make it a better choice, too. Choosing it, you can look forward to long-term use as well because it is made from high quality materials and its design is appropriate for daily use.

Its maker also has a good reputation worldwide for its quality wellness products, such as this EC chair model. You will know it is a good product, too, for ranking high on review sites and getting positive feedback from long-term users.

Overall, we recommend the bestmassage EC-06C if you’re looking to get more of your spending and take full advantage of its benefits, including total relaxation, improved blood circulation, posture, mobility and flexibility, and home massage anytime.

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