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Massage is so beneficial, but not all of us can visit the therapist regularly. Check our post for chair massage benefits research – an alternative for you.

People often look up to my career and believe that I am so comfortable in the office every day. However, behind the glittering facts about working in the office are many problems that I hardly shared with anyone.

Today I will shed light on my recent this massage benefits research – a good way to help you get rid of the pain in the neck, shoulder, or back if you have to deal with sitting and using computers for years.

Several years ago, I constantly struggled with pain in many body parts, especially my neck, shoulder, and back. The pain resulted from my habits of using computers for long hours. Whenever I was exposed to computers, I seemed to bury myself in its world, and as a consequence, the pain was a part of my daily routine.

Going to the spa for massage is a common way to release the pain. It has a great influence on reducing your neck pain. Nevertheless, it is really expensive.

According to statistics, the average cost for the a30-to-45-minute massage at spas or gyms is around $$ and $$. And it might go up to $$$ if you go to resorts or hotels. It is comfortable, but it is not for anyone. Realizing this problem, I consulted my doctor. And he suggested buying chair massages, which until now I believe is the best decision I’ve made.

It has been 3 years since I bought my CM and it is still working very well. It is a great tool to help you relax after tiring working hours. Continue with me in this article and I will show you what wonderful benefits of chair massage therapy are.


Benefits of Chair Massage Therapy

Massage, for long, has been known for its amazing effects on human health. Almost all systems in our body will be affected by massage, whether directly or indirectly.

Blood circulation enables nutrients to reach more body parts. Bones get nutrients to stay strong and unbreakable. Our muscles will be relaxed. Tension and stress will be significantly reduced, which contributes to a healthier brain.

Also, massage allows the body to eliminate toxins and enhance the functions of the digestive system. Massage also has positive impacts on your respiratory system. So, it is undeniable that massage is super beneficial for our health.

The most popular way to massage is to rely on a massage therapist. Most of us prefer this way. Human interaction brings a completely different experience, especially with professional therapists.

However, chair massage also has its advantages


The investment in CM is a long-term economic plan. As I mentioned before, professional massage service at spas can cost you up to $$$.

If you spend about $$$ for a massage per month, then it would be $$$$ in total annually. Meanwhile, a $$$$ chair massage would be equivalent to a 4-year investment.

Of course, if you go to massage therapists more than once per month, then a CM is only the same price as one or two years of having a therapist. The most important thing is when you have your CM, you are capable of increasing the intensity as well as the frequency of massage therapy.


Before going to massage therapist, you have to set an appointment. It is not to mention that you cannot go during working hours because of your workload.

In such a case, chair massages are suitable for employees. CM allows you to use anytime. You just need to sit down and push a button. Nowadays, there are many types of workplace CM so that you can use it right in your office during breaks.

Chair massages at work is a good idea to relax your body a while before coming back to a huge pile of tasks. Then, after work, you can devote your whole time to family or exercise. No more waiting long hours for appointments with your therapist!



It is about massage pressure, nothing to do with stress or depression. When you have your CM, it is possible to control its pressure. Once you feel it right, you can continue to let it relax your neck.

Otherwise, you can increase the intensity to affect your muscles even more. Zero gravity chair seems to give you enough relaxation throughout the body.

The contact between the therapist and your body is so essential. It is the central point in the whole section. However, for some people, it might be uncomfortable to get naked.

Therefore, CM is a better choice. You do not need to take all the clothes off to enjoy the benefits of chair massage therapy. Though, it is recommended to remove your sandals or shoes so that your feet can benefit most.

You can check the best massage chairs for 2019 to get the most suitable options for you.

Does Chair Massage Pose Any Risk?

Anything comes with pains and gains, and CM is not an exception. Seated massage benefits are various, but there are risks as well.

For the last 3 years, I have not experienced any side effects. However, it is common to see some topics in various communities about the unwanted effects of CM. In some unfortunate cases, chair massage gets burnt and so do people using it.

So, why do some people suffer from chair massage, while others do not?
In fact, the dangers come from people’s mistakes of choosing and using CM.

• Pay too much attention to the cheap product but low quality
• Unreliable source
• Out of date products

To know the durability of a massage chair, you can look at the warranty. Normally, if the manufacturer can provide longer warranty, they are more confident about the products. 3-5-year limited warranty is a reasonable standard that you can get for reference.

Who Should Not Use Chair Massage (CM)?

Sadly, Massage machine is not for everyone. Not all salesmen tell you that. But if you belong to one of these categories, it is better to stay away from CM.

  • Those who are experiencing some medications and feel not good
  • Cancer patients
  • Those with chronic health problems
  • Pregnant women
  • Women who are on period
  • Fever patients
  • Those with auditory loss
  • People with heart problems
  • Over-80-year-old people and children

In general, through my personal experience and also chair massage benefits research, I strongly recommend you get one to enhance your blood circulation, along with many health benefits.

However, you need to be thorough in selecting and using CM to prevent unwanted consequences.

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