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Daily exercising is one of the best ways to keep fit and stay healthy. While staying active is important for multiple reasons, more and more people today are coming to the gym to lose weight to have a sexy body.

How to lose weight effectively with a treadmill?

Of all the activities that are highly appreciated for our weight loss, running on the treadmill is the most effective one. Instead of running outdoors under the heat of the sun, practicing at home with the treadmill is more comfortable.

Though running on the treadmill is best for our health and body, especially our weight loss, not everyone knows how to use it correctly.

Since you’ve come here, we guarantee that you will be better acknowledged with all the treadmill hacks for the expected weight loss.

Top Benefits That Make You Want To Run On The Treadmill Right Away

Running is good for our health, but it will be better if you run on a treadmill. No need to spend lots of money on the monthly gym fee. Just simply invest in a high-quality treadmill at home, and you will get all the advantages mentioned below.

What are the benefits of running on the treadmill?

The benefits that a treadmill can bring you to include:

Reduce Impact

This may be one of the biggest bonus points that only running on a treadmill can offer you. A treadmill will help reduce the external impacts you may get when running outdoors.

Let’s see when stepping on dirt, and hard surfaces, you can’t run as fast as possible since your legs have to endure a lot of impacts, right?

And, some unexpected problems will happen with your back, knee, and ankle too. It’s time to stop hurting yourself unintentionally. A treadmill is great since they are built with a soft surface and some with shock absorption to make your exercise session much safer.

This way, your joints will take less impact, and you will feel free to run on a reliable surface. Thus, no joint pain and unexpected aches can be your matter of concern anymore.

Boost mental health & motivation

Running on the treadmill will boost your brain function effectively. Plus, aerobic exercises, biking, and running allow your brain to release a high amount of endorphins, the chemical compounds which make people happy.

This way, using treadmill contributes a lot to the anxiety and depression relief. And, once you reach the high, you will receive a perfect sense of elated euphoria.

Then, you will feel satisfied with every workout, thereby having a higher motivation to run harder next time. Finding motivation when running has never been this easy with your treadmill.

Improve your heart health

Running on the treadmill is great for your cardiovascular/heart health. People who do regular exercise will increase their heart’s strength and blood’s circulation. Thus, their muscles will get enough oxygen to work harder for better results.

Staying away from a heart attack is totally possible now with a treadmill. Moreover, treadmill usage will decrease your bad cholesterol while increasing good ones. This will help eliminate the risk of heart and blood vessel disease.

Well, with this kind of exercise, you will easily keep an eye on your heart rate on a daily basis.

How To Lose Weight On The Treadmill

Every time you burn calories on the hamster wheel, you imagine of getting an ideal body shape, right? But, to get the expected weight loss, running at the same speed and being lazy obviously can’t bring what you need.

How can we lose weight with a treadmill?

So, what can you do for a quick fat-burning treadmill run? Here are the best treadmill strategies to help you reach your target the next time you hit the treadmill.

Let’s mix exercises up

Doing exercises seems to bring big benefits to weight loss. The more calories you can burn, the more excess weight you can walk off. With a treadmill, you should increase the intensity of the practice session.

However, most of us work too hard and reach our maximum heart rate, so we get tired quickly. But, running steady and slow will not offer good results in a certain time. What should we do now?

The best approach for you is to run on the treadmill from 20-30 minutes at a bit faster speed. For other days, you should go slower but longer for an hour or more. Alternating two kinds of exercises is essential to get the results soon.

Control your speed

Short bursts or intervals of sprinting sprinkled you get throughout a workout are important to save time for workouts. According to a study conducted by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, people who ran hard for about 2 minutes burned more calories than those running slowly and steadily.

And, it even gets better as those who worked hard dropped 4% of their body fat while the other didn’t.

Since you need our recommendation, we will let the secrets be unveiled. You should work hard with intervals in 1:1 or 1:2 ratios. That way, you should speed up for 30-60 seconds, then come back to the normal speed in the same amount of time.

The most suitable speed ranges between 2 and 5 minutes to keep you feel invigorated not exhausted. Depending on your experiences, you can improve your current intensities and reach the higher ones.

Do hills smartly

Get your incline up, get your calorie burn increased, and get your weight to lose, sounds simple, right? Absolutely, the answer is no. Walking or running on a steep incline is not easy at all for your body. Some often set the steep incline on the treadmill and try to forget it.

But that’s not the way. Instead, you should imagine that you are running outside, and going up a high hill. This way, you can gradually build up the strength in your legs and hips to work hard later.

Also, try incline intervals too. Get the incline cranked up between 2-4 % for about 1-2 minutes and your speed dropped 0.1 or 0.2. Then, down your incline to 0 for the same amount of repeat and time. Once you’ve successfully mastered your speed and effort on a hill, losing weight is not hard anymore.

All In All

You probably know that treadmill hacks are perfect for your successful workout. Just feel lucky when you get all of your tips provided here. Grab all the benefits of the treadmill by using it today! What you get is worth your investment!

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