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What is a full body massage include? This question is very important to address especially relevant if you’re new to getting a massage for body pain, including on the neck, back, lower back and legs.
A massage is a great way of getting rid of these aches and pains because it is able to loosen stiff and tight muscles. It can also provide you with full relaxation after a tiring day at work or business. Getting a full body massage, you can get total health benefits as well. It will not only give you pain relief, but it also works to enhance your immune system and lower blood pressure.

What To Know About A Full Body Massage?

There are many types of techniques, such as deep tissue, Swedish, Shiatsu, hot stone, sports massage and more. What to expect during a session is that your entire body is worked on, by either a professional therapist or a massage chair.

If you’re getting a massage from a masseur, you will get a massage on your body, usually from the top of your head and then to your toes. You will also be asked to be on a massage table, typically with relaxing music on the background and in a private area.

In many cases, you may also be asked to undress, but you will be given a robe to hide your private parts or modesty. You may feel intimidated in the process but worry not because these therapists are friendly and professional. They will also provide you with a towel or a blanket to cover your private parts while having a massage.

These types of massages that happen in a spa can make you feel comfortable, at ease and safe during the entire session. A therapist acts professionally and asks you questions before doing the massage. One will also explain what is included in the session. For example, one may ask you about the points in your body do you want him or her to focus on in the massage as well as the intensity or pressure level to apply based on your preference.

During the massage, one may also consult you about any changes you want in the technique or pressure through the full body massage. In the duration of the session, the therapist will be silent to help you relax and rest – and sometimes fall into sleep. On the other hand, it is also fine to ask them questions.

Plus, you don’t need to tip the therapist, too. If you would, the amount varies based on how happy you were with the service you have received. In the end, you are advised to drink water to ease any pains that you might feel after the session.

How long is a full body massage?

Typically, it lasts for about an hour or more, while partial massage can last up to thirty minutes for areas of the shoulders, neck, legs or back. For many people, they choose between one hour up to one and ½-hour session in order to feel the ultimate relaxation that they’re looking for. In many cases, too, there is a relaxation time allowed before and after the full body massage, and a few include saunas or steam baths.

Can I have a full body massage at home?

Yes, you can with the best massage chair, which lets you sit back, relax, and enjoy your massage anytime at home. It is one of the most desired products on the market for patients suffering from persistent and chronic back pain as well as sports enthusiasts and players looking to speed up recovery from an injury.

Today, these massage chairs can be found in business offices and living rooms, giving users the convenience and comfort of getting a full body massage anytime, anywhere. It simplifies the entire process of getting relaxation because users don’t have to travel and hit the massage spas to get a full body relaxation through simple and effective techniques, such as percussion and compression, Shiatsu, or Swedish. Many of these chairs are designed and built to work like professional massage therapists.

With a one-time investment on high quality but affordable recline, massage chair, you can look forward to long-term benefits without frequently spending on massage from professionals.

One of the most useful features of such massage chair is that it is built with zero gravity concept put into reality! It offers users a customizable and versatile chair that lets them feel weightless as if he or she is floating in the air. When shopping around for this kind of product, you must look for this feature so that you can achieve that ultimate relaxation that you deserve.

What are the benefits of a full body massage?

Whether you’re opting for a therapist’s massage session or one by a massage chair, you can get plenty of benefits. A few of these include relieving back and spine pressure, getting rid of back and lower back pains, reducing heart strain, improving lung function and reducing muscle tension and stiffness.

People who had surgeries, such as those of the back, however, should discuss things with their doctors before using the chair. Nevertheless, the product is ideal for all individuals looking to improve their health, especially their heart and lungs’ function.

A full body massage is beneficial for its total relaxation benefits, such as getting rid of stress and calming your mind. it also improves blood circulation, so it helps the heart deliver the vital nutrients and oxygen to each cell of your body efficiently and quickly. Another benefit of a session is taking away the pressure from your spine that will help improve your overall brain health, too.


Now you know the answer to the question, “What is a full body massage include?” In that case, you will be able to feel more at ease and comfortable when having the session. By getting a regular massage, you will also achieve total health benefits, such as ache and pain relief, improved posture, flexibility and mobility and increased lung and heart function. Whether you’re getting it from a therapist or a massage chair, you can improve your overall health and wellness with a suitable massage intensity and type.

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