Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Review

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If you’re looking for the massage chair, the Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 might just fit the title. This zero gravity massage chair has a lot of features to boast for. For starters, this massage chair is comes with heating therapy and yoga capabilities that will surely benefit your whole body. This is your all in one full body massage chair that you will surely look forward to every time you get home from work!

The Kahuna Heritage (Brand Analysis)

Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Review

The brand itself gives you security that investing in this model would be truly worth it. Kahuna is one of the most popular brands in the massage chair industry. Matter of fact, the Kahuna LM6800 in particular is an FDA-registered medical device. This just proves of the therapeutic capabilities of the product.

The brand has a reputable name in the Amazon platform, having been a best-seller and has garnered numerous positive feedbacks from actual massage chair owners.

What makes the brand more attractive is the outstanding customer service. It even has the best warranty service as an online massage chair company. You can easily request for services and register for the warranty. The LM6800 for instance comes with three (3) years of limited warranty. Good news is, the warranty covers a really wide scope. The warranty covers the structural framework, labor, and even the parts. The manufacturer gives a guarantee of a quality product repair should the occasion arise. The best part is you won’t be paying for anything for the first year period!

The Kahuna LM6800 has got all the essentials that define a massage chair and even steps up the game by having multiple advanced features you can rarely find on other brands. The L-track massage system for instance, is a remarkable attribute because it perfectly fulfils the core-being of a massage chair – a truly effective massage. It even has added perks like the zero gravity position and the smart body scan technology to give you a custom fit.

It has 6 auto programs and 5 manual massage techniques along with air-cell massage technology to cover your entire body. It offers shiatsu, SH-Chiro signature program, and special yoga stretching. Further, your legs and lower back can indulge in the heating therapy. What more could you ask for?

What Makes This One Stand Out? (MajorFeatures)

# Full Body Shiatsu

Who can’t resist a full body shiatsu? In the previous decades, a shiatsu can only be performed by an actual person. This Kahuna breaks that fundamental law by being equipped with all necessary features for an automated full body shiatsu. The chair offers specialized sessions unlike its low-end counterparts. The experience is so real that it will make you feel like you have a personal therapist right in your home.

The full body shiatsu allows you to target any area desired be it your entire back or more specific spots like the lower back, upper back, lower back & body, and lower body. The massage chair also incorporates all shiatsu techniques in manual massage. These include tapping, kneading, rolling, and a combination of tapping & kneading.

# SH-Chiro Kahuna Therapy

Now this one’s dedicated for your spine. The Kahuna LM6800 is packed with multiple technologies that aim for the betterment of your spine. The brand has this signature program called the SH-Chiro that is unlike any other brands. The SH-Chiro program is designed to unlock the nerve energy contained in your spine. Once released, the nerve energy will flow harmoniously throughout the rest of your body. This therapy gives you a higher level of pressure relief after use. And this one can only be found in Kahuna.

# Yoga Stretching

Yoga Stretching is another signature program the brand boasts. After tackling your spine, the yoga-stretching program gives your body a distinct awakening sensation by stretching your entire body. With this signature program, your body will have an enhanced blood circulation that is at par with an actual yoga session. You will also feel a differentrelief after each use. It’s like having your own yoga session right at the comforts of your own home.

What Are The Advantages of the LM6800?

# L-Track Frame Structure

This feature only comes with the most advanced massage chairs on the market. The L-Track Frame Structure is a type of design consisting of four rollers integrated with air-cell massage system. The two technologies combined gives you a one-of-a-kind experience on particular spots of your bodies – arms, shoulders, hips, and waist. Older massage chairs can only tackle your back. Today, there are massage chairs like this Kahuna that are able to give service even to your hips and arms!

# L-Track 4 Roller Massage System

Elaborating more, the L-Track is not just an ordinary frame structure. The 4 rollers are engineered in such a way it can support your entire back system from the neck down to your buttocks. Not only that, the rollers can decompress every individual spine at your back, consequently increasing the effectiveness of each roll.

# Smart Body Scan Technology

smart scan body

There can never be one-size that fits all. That is why manufacturers have developed something smart that benefits whoever uses the massage chair. In the old days, users have no choice but to adapt and accept the default mechanism of massage chairs. Today, massage chairs are now equipped with computer body scanners that analyze the body type and size of the user. The massage chair itself will adjust according to your body. As a result, you have a custom fit that works specifically just for you! This improves the efficiency of your massage experience.

# Zero Gravity Position

Now this one must be on every massage chair’s technology list. If a massage chair can’t offer you the zero-gravity position, then don’t bother buying it. The Kahuna not only gives a single locus, it actually features three stages of realistic zero gravity positions. The purpose of this feature is to make you feel so weightless to the extent you’ll feel like you’re just floating in mid-air.

The position also raises your feet to a certain elevation higher than your heart. This improves your wellness in a whole new level. Blood will flow even better and you’ll experience a distinct approach of massage.

Matter of fact, the zero gravity position is proven to be the most effective massage position. That is why leading manufacturers try their best to incorporate this feature to their newer models. The zero gravity position redefines the way you experience a massage.

The position alone relieves you of all the stress in your body since the massage chair distributes your weight evenly all over the chair, giving you a feeling as if you’re floating in a cloud. Corresponding results include a more profound and intense massage experience. The reason why you’ll feel virtually weightless is due to the stress dispersing away. You’ve always carried a certain amount of stress during the day and this position will take away that ‘excess baggage’ by spreading your weight on the chair.

Ultimately, the zero gravity position is the most therapeutic position that you must try. And it can only be made possible if your massage chair can offer that feature.

# Space Saver

The Kahuna LM6800 may look a bit huge at first glance, and it really is. However, engineers have found a way to significantly enhance the way the massage chair saves space. Remarkably, this Kahuna will only consume 3 inches more space when it transforms itself from the default position to the maximum position it can do – the zero gravity position. That’s quite a small space required for a big transition.

The space saving technology mechanism includes your chair sliding forward while reclining. So while the chair consumes a horizontal space while reclining, the base of the chair itself also moves forward, compensating for the space consumed on the other end. This results in saving unnecessary space in the back because it is countered by the space at the front.

With the space saving technology, you can align your massage chair with your other furniture without making awkward allowances in your floor space.

# Foot Rollers

Another impressive thing about the Kahuna LM6800 is the foot rollers. The model literally offers a full body massage. A lot of massage chairs in the market, including some high-end ones, don’t even have something to tackle the feet. The LM6800 also puts itself one-step ahead of its competitors by having a washable and detachable footer area. This gives you the opportunity to sanitize the said area.

A Little Disadvantage

Even the most high-end product has some downsides, and this one is not an exemption. The main issue you can experience is height compatibilities. It’s true the product can give you a customizable fit based on the size of your ‘body’ along with some other factors. However, it’s the ‘height’ that can make you scratch your head, especially if you are extremely tall.

The Kahuna LM6800 can only cater people around six-feet in height. There are claims that 6’2” people are having a good time using the product. But if you are any taller, then you might wave to keep some things in mind to make your experience equally comfortable. First, you have to adjust the foot part to the extent that it can accommodate you well. For a really tall person, it is not recommended to try the zero gravity level where your feet elevation is higher than the heart. Just use the standard zero gravity level.

# Why Choose Kahuna Massage Chair?

There is absolutely NO reason why you should NOT get this massage chair. With all the embedded technology you can enjoy, the LM6800 truly gives everything you deserve. Imagine having a personal therapist only that it comes in the form of a massage chair.


The Kahuna massage chair LM6800 gives you the worth of your investment. Having this one is like having a piece of heaven in your home. Ultimately, the perfect manifestation of years of massage chair evolution can be witnessed with this Kahuna.

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