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Are you still wondering about using massage chairs when pregnant? If yes, keep reading before making the decision to see whether a massager is safe or not.
massage chairs when pregnant
Do you remember how you felt when you knew that you got pregnant? To me, it was a feeling of excitement and nervousness as well. Honestly, that is a miracle a baby was growing inside my body, but I were also nervous if I would be a good mom or not even though I was well prepared.

In fact, pregnant ladies like us also have to deal with considerable discomfort, especially physical pain while carrying our child. Thus, a lot of them, including me have attempted to find a solution, and the most popular one is to have a pregnancy massage. However, not everyone can afford to hire a personal physio, right? So, most of us are likely to come to a massager for pregnant women.

Although using a massage chair can bring real benefits, there are strong arguments for and against it. They stated that using massage chairs when you are pregnant is bad which might lead to a malformation or a miscarriage. I know this is extremely frightening, but calm down! Carefully read on to find out the answer with me!

What Are Potential Risks of Using Massage Chair During Pregnancy?

The biggest concern is whether using massage chair while pregnant causes your baby and you any harm. To be honest, this piece of equipment poses some risks to both of you, therefore, in this part, we will figure out why rumor has it that it is not safe during pregnancy.

Childhood Cancer

I am quite sure that you have heard about the potential dangers of radiations to human health, particularly pregnant women. The vast majority of massage chairs available on the market are powered by electricity that gives off radiation. Also, some of you may know the link between exposure to radiation and childhood cancer.

Nevertheless, this is a fairly remote possibility because the dose of radiation from the massage chair is not high, so it is not a big deal at all.

Fetal Derangement

All of the massage chairs has its mode of vibration that is well loved by people. While I was conducting research on the Internet, I saw this has come into question as a lot of women, of course, including me did not know whether it presents any threats. Hence, I decided to have a consultation with my doctor.

After closely consulting with her, I am 100% sure that it will be safe if you switch the chair to that mode less than 15 minutes.

A Wildly Beating Heart

Nowadays, we can have a massage combined with heat functions. However, they are not good for a pregnant woman. The heat pads which are built in will increase our body temperature. As a result, your baby tends to get a racing heartbeat.

Too Strong Pressure

Massage chairs are specially designed to put pressure on some of your pressure points. For example, you do a back massage; the installed rollers will press down on your back points for comfort. In some situations, they are out of control leading to too strong pressure. Consequently, water breaking, contractions, bleeding, and premature labor might happen to you.

Is It Safe To Use A Massage Chair While Getting Pregnant?

Although there are some possible dangers, massage chairs will be very beneficial and safe for pregnant women if we know how to take control of it. So let me tell how great they are!


Relieve Mental Stress

During pregnancy, I became deeply sensitive resulting in suffering from stress and strains even though I knew that negative feelings would badly affect my little angel. Hence, my husband and I decided to purchase a massage chair that helped me reduce depression, anxiety, and stress. Trust me, all of the evil energies will be thrown away when you sit on your massager.

Have A Deep Sleep

I think there is no need to remind you of how important good sleep is, right? Unfortunately, I had to struggle with insomnia for the first trimester of pregnancy. Do you want to know what I did to overcome it? Actually, before going to sleep, I had a massage to decrease my stress level as well as make myself feel refreshed and energetic. That was a stepping stone to falling into a restful sleep.

Say Goodbye to Mood Swings

I guess you are wondering why I mention mood swings and a massage chair. Pregnancy, as you may know, produces some hormonal changes inside our body. That is the reason why sometimes we feel happy, but suddenly we get depressed. Hence, having a good massage is important since it calms us down to be in a good mood again.

Ease Muscle Spasm and Pain

One more thing that every pregnant lady must handle is being racked with muscle spasm and pain. This condition will be more intense once your baby grows. The weight of our belly increases quickly putting considerable pressure on the neck, shoulder, and back areas. That is why we are often advised to get relaxed as much as possible.

To be honest, a massager like zero gravity chair comes in handy because it can encourage your body to release a substance called endorphin which is known as our natural painkiller.

How to Use A Massage Chair Pregnant?

For safety reasons, you should take the following precautions if you plan to use a massage chair during pregnancy.

  • Have proper consultation with your doctor to know your health conditions and ask her whether you can use a massager or not
  • Find a good product, so you had better search for the best massage chairs
  • Do not use the heating pads which causes your baby a wildly beating heart
  • Adjust the level of vibration. In fact, you should choose the slowest one
  • Avoid having a massage with a high frequency
  • Do not use a massage chair at 39 weeks of pregnancy as well as the first trimester since it might lead to contractions


Now you can see that using massage chair during pregnancy is not as bad as people said, right? On the other hand, it is a great supporter to help us enjoy those 9 months. Hope that you had a good time and found this article useful. If you have any questions, leave a comment to let me know. Last, do not forget to like and share the post today with other pregnant ladies.

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