ProForm 505 CST: Better Performing Console for Beginners

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Along with all ProForm models available in the market, the newly designed ProForm 505 CST has been one of the most top sellers. Aside from that, many buyers believed that this is budget-friendly equipment for those who wish to have a fresh start in achieving an ideal body.

ProForm 505 CST Treadmill

With EasyLift folding enablement, it can store and fold whenever you want with this it is indeed a space saver equipment. Moreover, this treadmill offers promising durability and convenience assuring that this is comfortable for all the users.

While regarding with its running area, the 505 CST assures that you can enjoy your daily workout with a perfect ProShox Cushioning, which will protect your joints from an extense exercise.

You can enjoy your workout as it has a maximum of 10 percent inclination, with its 2.5 CHP motor rest assured that you can experience the 10 miles per hour running. And one more thing, it has an excellent compact running area that measures 20 inches by 50 inches, and it can decrease the tension that will be perfect for smooth working.

This ProForm 505 CST is not challenging to use, because this console is perfect for starters. Hence, all of its buttons and features are pretty basic.

You will not get bored in using this equipment as it has a good sound system with audio compatibility, water bottle holders, and reading rack. While for monitoring, you can use the six inches screen that shows time, speed, and distance.

While compared to other brands that you can buy online, for starters 18 built-in programs are waiting for you. These sets of plans are from a certified personal trainer. Hence all the applications you will use will help you achieve such a given goal you gave to yourself.

You don’t have to worry if you think you can’t finish a program because its system has its own ability to monitor your heart rate and make an automatic adjustment to the inclination and speed rate.

However, for the system to monitor your heart rate you have to handle the KG Heart monitoring two-hand grip sensors. So it is essential that you have to keep this in mind, for the system helps you to what your body can and can’t do.

On the other side, if you know about the warranty and guarantee of this console. It has a fantastic offer.

The treadmill has a lifetime warranty, while 25 years for the motor, and the equipment’s parts there is a one year warranty.

What Do We Like About This Console?

There are a lot of reason why we like this model in all of its features but let us give you what we most like about it;ProForm 505 CST Treadmill

  • Price — This equipment comes at a fantastic cost with a great deal. Compare with other brands that are available in the market; this model is a budget-friendly especially even it is for the entry level equipment.
  • With the given price, you can enjoy a lifetime warranty with its frame and 25 years for the other parts of the ProForm 505 CST.
  • Folding Design — Due to its excellent design and features, one of the things we like about it is that this model has an EasyLift ability. It means that you can fold it whenever you finished your routine and store in your space. Indeed, this is a SpaceSaver design with a light but compact system that is durable at all times.
  • Program Offered — If you are a beginner and don’t know what type of plan you cause to achieve such a perfect body, this model has a variety of programs that can offer. For instance, it has 18 built-in workout programs that you can use whenever you want.
    Personal trainers developed these set of programs, hence rest assured that it will bring a promising result in your physique.
    Also, you can adjust your preferred inclination to a maximum of 10 percent and the desired speed you want in a given situation.
  • Motor — Though this is perfect for all the beginner, but its overall engine is not just an ordinary one. Its motor can perform for long and extensive training.

What Don’t We Like  About This Console?

  • Running Area — Remember that it has a 20 inches by 50 inches width and length. Hence, this could be a problem for taller guys.
  • Speed Control — Originally this is for the one who is starting up their new life with the treadmill. Hence 10 miles per hour is not bad at all. However, there are times in our life where we yearn for more like it can offer 12 mph that would be better.
  • Entertainment Options — With all the ProForm models available in the market, most of its have iFit compatibility. However, 505 CST is an exemption.

Our Final Word:

If you are going to change the path and choose to be healthy, you can start buying this one and add this to your “list-to-have.” Do not expect higher than what a starting level equipment can offer; instead, you will get what you want according to the budget that you have.

But one thing for sure, this ProForm 505 CST is indeed durable, reliable, and easy to use the material.

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