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You may not believe it but 24,4000 injuries associated with treadmills were reported in the United States in 2014 according to Live Science.

Can you imagine how huge this number is?

These following tips for treadmill safety will help you enjoy your run safely and effectively.

safety tips treadmill

Tip #1: Leave enough room for treadmill safety

One of the easiest ways to avoid accidents with a treadmill is to place it in a spacious area. However, you don’t need a room as big as a gym for this.

What you need to do is:

  • Put nothing behind your machine because most people get hurt from falling off the back of the treadmill.
  • Leave enough space so your hands can move around comfortably.

That’s it.

Tip #2: No children, please

Another thing you should do for the sake of treadmill safety is to keep it out of reach from your kids. The kids are naughty. Without adult supervision, they can hurt themselves by placing the hand on or between the belt.

Tip #3: Read the safety instruction

You know what?

Most accidents associated with home fitness machine such as treadmills could be prevented by following manuals or guidelines.

When you fully understand your device, you can properly use it with no problem. Thus, reading the instruction could be the number 1 tip for treadmill safety.

Tip #4: Get yourself ready

Sports apparel is the most suitable when it comes to exercise because it is flexible but tight enough. Loose clothing could be dangerous as it is likely to get stuck in the running treadmill.

Sneakers are also a greater choice than barefoot because the moving belt can produce heat and friction, which results in burn, scrapes, and blisters to your feet.

Tip #5: Perfect posture for treadmill running

Research shows that treadmill runner should keep their eyes straight forward to prevent back and neck pain. Looking down or looking in other ways could lead to distraction or disorientation, making it easier for you to fall or stumble.

Moreover, handrails are not a good option to rely on. You should only use them while walking and getting on and off the treadmill. Shoulders and elbows could be strained if you use consoles for quite a long time.

Therefore, your posture in a treadmill run should be like:

  • Look straight ahead
  • Stay in the middle

Keep your arms at a 90-degree angle.

safety treadmill

Tip #6: Exercise flow to stay away from injuries

Getting started at a slow speed allows you to get used to the machine. Then, gradually speed up or increase the incline. However, don’t make it too steep. More than 7% incline may cause Achilles tendon.

Here is the safest flow for your treadmill run:

  • Warm up for 5 minutes
  • Add some speed or incline
  • Finally, cool down at the end
  • Not step off a running treadmill

Tip #7: Understand your exercise-mate

Do you know that almost all treadmills have safety features?

The basic features include alarm sound when they start or stop, or a low pace at the beginning. These are set up to promote your safety when using a treadmill so you should be aware of them.

Tip #8: Take care of your treadmill

Maintenance is important to all exercise equipment. It helps to reduce the ability of malfunction, hence, leveling up your safety.

Regular clean-up is one of the means of maintenance that you can do yourself. More sophisticated methods are often done by professionals, which can cost you a certain amount of money.

But your safety is of the utmost importance!

So don’t save up a roughly amount of $100 for full maintenance once or twice every year.

How to choose the right treadmill

To make sure your investment in a home fitness equipment will bring long-term benefit, you should go for a suitable treadmill right at the beginning.

# Budget

The budget should be the first consideration. The minimum $1000 is what you have to afford for a lasting treadmill. Don’t go lower than this or you will risk your own safety. With more than $1500, you can get more stability.

# Motor

It directly affects the quality of the treadmill so you should not ignore it by any means. A motor is measured by continuous-duty horsepower (CHP). The heavier you weigh, the higher CDH you need. 2.5 to 3.0 CHP seems to suitable for most people.

# Specifications

A few other things you should have a look at is:

  • Belt size (at least 48 inches in length and 18 inches in width)
  • Speed (up to 10 mph or higher)
  • Incline (10% or higher)
  • Control panel (easy to reach and use)
  • Cushioning
  • Stability

# Extra functions

There are a lot of new models with a lot more utilities such as a heart rate monitor, decline mode… Some treadmills can even be folded to save space for your house.

Before making your decision, ask yourself what your treadmill must have and what features you can live without to balance your need and your budget.

Give it a try

Since a treadmill will cost quite an arm and a leg, it is worth doing some research and short-listing some of your favorites. Then, head to your local sporting stores.

10 minutes is the least amount of time you should spend on each treadmill to really get the feeling of them.

Though injuries from treadmill running are quite common, you can totally prevent yourself from accidents by following the simple instructions above.

You SHOULD do it. And you CAN TOTALLY do. For safe and effective exercise.

Let’s practice top tips for treadmill safety and have a healthy life with your treadmill!

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