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Congratulations on your new massage chair! Investing in one is probably one of the wisest decision you have ever made. Having a massage chair is the closest thing to having a personal therapist right at your own home. Now you have something to look forward to every day after work! Since you are new to this, here are some tips on using a massage chair. This is your one-stop guide on making it a real relax massage chair.

Why Buy A Massage Chair In The First Place?

For starters, having a massage chair is a sure-fire way of significantly boosting your health. The zero gravity massage chair brings you to a whole new level of massage experience that is far better than an actual person massaging you.
There are massage chairs that feature multiple manual programs as well as automatic programs to suit your needs. High-end models are designed to cover more parts of the body. For instance, there are massage chairs that are now able to massage your feet and arms, aside from conventionally tacking your back.

Modern massage chairs are now technologically advanced to give you the most effective massage possible for you. For example, some massage chairs are now equipped with body scanning system – the chair analyzes your body size and then deliberately adjusts itself to give you a custom fit.

Truly, there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy a massage chair. Most people would agree that this line of product is already not in the category of “wants” as it’s already considered a necessity.

How To Assemble Your Massage Chair?

Unfortunately, there are no universal instructions on how to properly assemble your massage chair. It varies depending on the make and model. Good news is, there are some models that offer installation services in your home. The package is not just simply delivered at your doorstep – there will be professional personnel who will personally go to your home and install the massage chair in the room of your choice.

So if you haven’t bought one yet, you can take this opportunity to look for brands that offer installation services. Evidently, you will pay for a higher price because the labor cost will be included in the purchase. However, this could mean an advantage to your part because you won’t have to do the heavy work yourself. Let the technicians do their job. All you have to do is to sit back and enjoy your massage chair.

How To Sit Properly In A Massage Chair?

You can’t just sit in your massage chair without knowing some useful tips first. Here are some of them:
• You must rest your head gently against the headrest. Think of it as a bed, not a chair.
• Make sure that your waist is pressed firmly at the innermost section of the chair. It’s like placing yourself at a right angle where your entire upper body is at vertical while your entire lower body is in horizontal.
• This is important – your back must also press against the seat cushions firmly.
• It may sound a little deep but you must ‘surrender your body’ to the chair. Let it carry your full weight without you doing any effort.
• Make sure your muscles are relaxed before and during your massage chair sessions.
• You must also keep yourself from eating, drinking, moving your neck, and even talking to another person while in the chair. This is your personal ‘me-time’ and you could sacrifice comfort and efficacy when you’re busy entertaining other people.
• Use the leg extension if necessary. Your legs must not be cramped. It’s a big plus if your massage chair has extendable leg ottoman.
• Moving your arms can cause the muscles on your shoulders to work too. With that in mind, it’s important to rest your arms on the arm rests in a comfortable position. After you set your preferences in the control panel, keep your arms straight and relaxed.

Utilize The Automatic Programs First

Once you are all set and ready to take your first session, it is advisable to try the preset auto programs first. A good massage chair offers a range of massage techniques such as kneading, shiatsu, and a whole lot more. There are even some massage chairs that feature yoga programs that stretch your whole body to give you an awakening sensation.

1. Your massage chair may either have a remote or a console. Press down the power button to activate the chair. A screen may appear after you press the button.
2. Depending on the brand, your console or remote may have buttons with printed abbreviations of the preset programs and modes. Consult your manual to be sure, in case you don’t know what the letters represent.
3. You can now hit start. There are some massage chairs wherein you have to set the time limit of the massage before you can begin. There are also some advanced model that are already programmed to perform with the best time duration possible to maximize your experience.
4. After you hit the start button, the arm chair will start to raise the leg ottoman as well as recline the back simultaneously. Your body will then be in a semi-horizontal position. The most advanced chairs will put you in the zero gravity position – the most effective massage position. It optimizes the efficacy of the massage as well as give you multiple health benefits. Matter of fact, the zero gravity position has been approved by NASA.
5. If your massage chair has sensors, it will start scanning your body and will look for the vital body parts such as the shoulder, head, buttocks, and upper & lower waist. Some can even detect your legs and your feet.
6. Maintain a body position such that you are properly aligned along the surface of the seat. Again, press your back firmly so that the rollers won’t miss or skip any body part. There are some consoles that display on the screen some confirmation messages relating to the body parts tackled.
7. There will be a quiet whirring sound that notifies you after the scan is complete. After which, the massage will start. All you have to do then is to relax.
8. If done and satisfied, press the power button again and exit the chair.

Start UsingManual Programs

After indulging in some preset massage techniques, you can now try having a massage manually. This is your opportunity to adjust the settings the way you want it too. This is to give you a more desirable massage experience because the settings are crafted according to your will.

Manually setting the program is similar to the automatic programs, only that you will have to select “function” or a similar button on the remote or console. You will then input the following:

• Intensity
• Speed
• Duration
• Massage points
• Massage type

If your chair is advanced enough, you can also set your music in sync with your smartphone through an onboard speaker. Manual settings may take a little time but nothing beats the liberty of having a massage that works only for you.


Following the tips above will surely give you the real relax massage chair that you can genuinely enjoy every morning and after work. Even the best massage chair under $1000 can already serve you well.

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