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If you are a runner, you may be quite familiar with the question of whether it’s better for you to run on a treadmill or outside.

While some strongly object to the treadmills and their boredom, some others find it easier than picking up the shoes and going outside, especially in the cold days.

In comparison to the convention running, a treadmill has both its advantages and disadvantages, and as a result, choosing the exercise location may confuse you. Let’s find out more information before making the choice.

The advantages of treadmill running over outside running

First of all, let’s take a look at some noticeable advantages that a treadmill has over the traditional approach.

# Better customization for your training

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It is a long time since the first treadmill appeared about 50 years ago. After a lot of improvements and upgrades, the very first versions with not many features have become the machines that suit almost every need you have.

The modern treadmills allow you to adjust the modes, set up your training program, or even keep you posted about your physical condition.

Some high-end models also offer the runners a digital screen to enjoy a song or movie.

Also, thanks to technology advances, the manufacturers now can reduce your risk of being injured. The smartly designed decks can protect your body better from the pressure.

# More effective training on artificial hill roads

The treadmills you find on the market today typically have various incline levels, helping you upgrade the difficulty of your training program gradually.

The ability to control the condition of your training program has a surprising influence on your progress.

A friend of mine, who is working as a senior personal trainer, says that the increasing difficulty included in your program is what improves your strength.

In terms of running, we suggest you gradually increase the difficulty of the exercise from flat surfaces to more inclined ones.

The thing is that running on a hill or a steep road is not always possible for us. So, a treadmill, which can offer the steep artificial surface, is a perfect substitution for those who desire to get fit by running.

# No worry about unfavorable weather conditions

Every runner must experience the unpleasant feeling when they cannot go out for a run because of the weather at least once. My worst nightmare is the boiling summer days when I cannot get my face exposed to the sunshine even for a second.

How can we go running outdoors in those days while it is not inconvenient for you?

That’s when you will see how beneficial a treadmill can be. Running on a modern machine in the space cooled down by an air-conditioner is a perfect solution for you.

# A safe way of training

It may be joyful when you are running outdoors. However, it is also obvious that a treadmill can ensure more safety than when you are outside.

First of all, when running on an indoor treadmill, you can avoid all the harmful factors on the way of running. They stay away from not only unfavorable weather conditions but also potential unexpected incidents.

This is a true story of mine which happened not a long time ago. I was running on the sidewalk when it was raining. It was not heavy, but it was hard enough to make your eyesight less clear.

I was about to turn left at the corner of a road when a little boy riding his skateboard emerged. We almost hit each other, but fortunately, I stopped right in time in front of his board.

I felt lucky because that was so close. However, I wonder if I would be that lucky next time. It’s hard to say.

You may say that it happened because I ran on streets which are used by many people. But, running in a rural area is not less risky due to the nature of a remote area.

The disadvantages of treadmill running over outside running

Running on a treadmill has several drawbacks as follows:

# Lack of various training surfaces

Running only on a treadmill may put you in the situation of being easily injured because you will work your lower-body muscles the same way every day.

In the meantime, if you run outdoors, you will have the opportunity to get yourself exposed to various types of terrains.

This approach helps your muscles to be trained more effectively because you use them in a more balanced way.

For example, running uphill improves the rear part of your legs while running downhill can help you to develop the front one.

The simple solution here is alternating between running on a treadmill and going outside.

# The boredom of running on a machine

Let’s face the fact that running by yourself on a belt over and over again and day by day will make you feel bored, sooner or later.

Meanwhile, when running outdoors, you can enjoy the life happening around you.

The distant voice of the birds makes you relaxed. The breeze gently touches your face. You may even smell the flavor of the food coming from the street vendors.


So, I’ve given you some brief points on the pros and cons of a treadmill. For the final words, I am going to say that it’s most crucial that you maintain the joy of training every day.

Therefore, to keep a balance between the good and the bad of running on a treadmill, I suggest that you should use both ways of running for your training schedule.

This combination can help you to take advantages of both methods while ensuring good progress for you.

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