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Aging should never be an excuse to prevent you from doing exercise. But, no need to push yourself too much. When you are around 50 and more, your body becomes a bit frailer. Choose a suitable workout to keep you healthy and active meanwhile being not very strong to avoid unexpected injuries.

Walking is strongly recommended. However, several reasons such as bad weathers, fast-paced traffic, or distance prevent you from going outsides as wished. That time, a treadmill is the best alternative. Here comes “how to choose a treadmill workout for seniors” to make the buying more easily.

Why Should You Buy a Treadmill Workout for The Elderly Now

Getting outdoor at older ages is hard since you have to battle the harsh weather or fast-paced traffic sometimes. Walking for health or being safe from home is a question.

A treadmill machine gives both!

Do daily exercise at anytime

No need to worry about the weather preventing the regular walking. Even in a snowing winter or sweltering summer, you can walk relaxingly in your sweet and fuzzy home. The treadmill just occupies a small storage space. Also, it is lightweight to move here and there, from the bedroom to the living room.

Take a morning walk to start your day actively. In the afternoon, walk for 15 to 20 minutes more to reduce the pressure on your ankle joints and knee. This simple workout is helpful to relieve suffers from joint-related pains, for example, rheumatoid arthritis or chronic sore.

Even more, you can walk on the treadmill while listening to the radio or watching TV.

Exercise in a comfortable way

Besides keeping you safe from uneven walking path or driveway, treadmills are also user-friendly in functions. The elder can figure out how to use this workout tool in a matter of minutes.

Its deck is often shock-resistant to free significant pressure on the feet, knees, and joints. Also, the screen display is clear to set and adjust your own speeds at hand. I recommend starting walking slowly then increase the speed so that your body can be gradually familiar and keep you safe from unexpected injuries.

Many treadmills even have the heartbeat counter for the heart patients to check the heart rate with ease. What’s more, you are always supported by handrails on the sides. So get a bit relaxing more from the fear of falling.

Improve mental health

Working out helps light up moods. So does walking in the treadmill. In other words, this exercise increases mental wellness since it boosts energy levels and reducing stress. Even better, burning your calories by walking helps sleep soundly.

A treadmill often goes along with music or even TV programmes. Doing exercise, entertaining and feeling younger at the same time. Great!

Research indicates when we get older, our body secretes fewer endorphins and serotonin which are necessary to produce positive feelings. That time, working out frequently will help to increase the even secretion and generate restful sleep at night.

How to Choose a Treadmill Workout for Seniors – A Buying Guide

Finding a treadmill for your old age is a little different from that for the younger to ensure that the working out is safe and comfortable for your body.

Once again, don’t push yourselves too much.

A treadmill to walk rather than to run

Don’t get me wrong. I do not mean that the elder cannot run with a treadmill. But, better safe than sorry, you should walk and slow run only. Primarily, if you want to do a running workout, refer to professional fitness trainers first.

Anyway, if you seek for a walking treadmill, no need to spend much on the one with sturdier construction, a steeper incline, the high speed or the ability to go faster in seconds.

High-tech features seem not necessary

Honestly, the elder I know seem less excited about high-tech surprises like entertaining programs or Bluetooth. Not to mention, the user guide and interface are such a burden of memory.

They only want a simple walking treadmill with safety features and user-friendly guide. Some slow music is better. That’s all. In fact, getting rid of that stuff when choosing a treadmill saves you drastic money.

However, In case you share the treadmill with the younger in your family, they might love those fancier features. So, think of your objectives before buying.

Motorized treadmills – my recommendation for seniors rather than manual ones

While manual treadmills come at a far lower price compared to the motorized treadmills, they require you to make more effort into the workout. Only when you move your feet against the deck can the belt move.

On a manual treadmill, the action of your feet against the deck runs the belt. The belt only moves if you move it. It causes joint stress as a result. For the elder, lots of pressure joint is dangerous.

Coming to the motorized treadmill, the motor moves the belt automatically. It means you are assisted when walking. Also, you can adjust the speed and incline easily – the walking becomes funnier and more healthy.


Be careful and wear the safety cord all the time or you might be distracted or stumble, even worse fall back.

Safety features to pay your attention

Safety first! The older we grow, the slower our body becomes. Unfortunately, somewhat jittery in movements. Walking in treadmill keeps you safe from bad weather and crowded street, but grievous injuries still happen if you are not careful and considerative.

A good treadmill for seniors should

  • Have safety stop features

Whenever you feel trip away from the deck, an emergency stop button is in need to stop the walking treadmill immediately. Motorized treadmills with smart controls are ideal.

  • Have regular or long safety rails

Handrails are a big help for seniors, especially those having an injury or other problems of walking normally. Also, holding onto the handrail is necessary to check the heart rate.

Nevertheless, try to let go of the rail sometimes during the workout to improve the walking posture. The unnatural posture in a long time results in the aches and pains.

  • Have a cushioned belt

The treadmill’s straps have a safety science behind. They not only provide a comfortable walking surface but also reduce the pressure on our body, especially on knees and ankles.

The sofer, the better.

  • Have an incline

Walking in even ground all the time is boring and not very effective. That time, the incline on the treadmill gives the feeling of walking uphill. You need to put more effort to burn calories and strengthen your legs.

The incline is adjustable so walking comfortably in your space. It also increases the heartbeat – good for the senior’s heart health.

Wrap it Up

Above I shed lights on how to choose a treadmill workout for seniors. Are you ready to jump into buying and start a healthy habit? I short the guide up in some main considerations: A walking treadmill; motorized tool, and safety features.

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