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As you can see, treadmill workouts are becoming more and more popular. It is suitable for all people as well as physical training purposes.

To have a deeper understanding of the features and benefits of using a treadmill, you can read our previous article.

If you are a beginner with a treadmill, this article is for you!

Follow our useful tips for beginners; your treadmill exercise will be more effective, joyful, and safer.

Now, let’s begin!


Let’s answer this question honestly: Do you take notice of preparation?

● Prepare running shoes

Choose the most comfortable running shoes for you. The right ones should be cushioned, which support your arches and give room for your toes.

● Remember to drink water!

Drink 0.5 – 0.7 liters of water in an hour and a half before you do a treadmill workout. Otherwise, heavy sweat and dehydration, later on, are unavoidable.

In fact, running on a treadmill can make you lose even more water than running outside because there is less air resistance to keep you cool.

Thus, prepare a bottle of water with you to place on the treadmill or within your reach.

● Notice the settings on the treadmill

Especially, you should notice a speed and incline section – the main buttons you use on the treadmill so that you can change the settings.

You will be able to customize your workout programs to your fitness level.

It is also essential to find the emergency stop button or use the safety clip. Clip it to your shirt. If you lose balance,  it will keep you from getting thrown off or being seriously injured.

Treadmill safety clip

Warm up

Don’t underestimate the role of a warm-up before starting. In fact, it is one of the most important parts of the workout session.

It will help you to avoid unexpected pains or injuries.

Also, you will not feel stiff and sore during the workout because a warm-up increases your body temperature and the amount of blood flowing to the working muscles.

So, spend 5 – 10 minutes running or walking at a slow and easy pace (1.5 to 2 mph). It is not wise to jump on the treadmill to do a high-intensity workout immediately.

During the workout

# Practice with the slight incline

If you work out for the first time, you can set the incline at 0% if you feel comfortable or want to get used to the machine.

When you develop your fitness and increase your comfort level, set the incline of the treadmill to 1 – 2%, which simulates outdoor running.

There is one thing to take note. Do not set the incline too steep – more than 7%. Otherwise, you may suffer from serious tendon or calf injuries.

In addition, do not set the incline more than 2% for the whole run. You will run out of energy! Remember to alternate the steep incline with some flat running.

# Do not lean forward and look down

Keep your body upright. Because if you keep leaning forward for a long time, you may suffer from neck and back pain.

And do not look down to see how much time and distance left or see your feet. Hunching over when running is not comfortable! Instead, look straight ahead!

# Take interval treadmill training

You do not have to run continuously with high intensity at a fixed pace.

The obvious consequence is getting exhausted or bored; therefore, you probably do not want to work out again!

Interval treadmill training is a great solution! It helps you to burn more calories, save your energy and boost your endurance later on.

So, instead of running at a constant speed for half an hour straight, switch up the speed during the run to alternate low- with high-intensity workouts.

Here is the example of an interval treadmill regime you can follow:

● 2 minutes of jogging

Start jogging at 3.5 to 4 mph. This is your first interval, so be sure to practice good running from the beginning.

You can choose the comfortable position you want, like letting go of the handrails and swinging your arms.

● 3 minutes of walking

This is your first break. Breathe deeply and take it easy.

● 3 minutes of jogging

Now get back to work! Increase your speed to 4 mph and keep this pace in three minutes.

● 3 minutes of walking

Now is your second recovery interval.

Reduce the speed to a brisk walk and hydrate.

● 4 minutes of jogging.

This is your last interval of a high-intensity workout, so try your best!

You can increase the speed to 4 – 4.5 mph and the incline too. However, you have to make sure your fitness condition suits this regime and you can handle everything!

After the workout

Now you have done your workout! But should you jump off the treadmill and take a rest immediately? The answer is no.

This time, your heart rate is elevated. You have to spend some minutes cooling down. Try to do a jog or walk at a slow pace at the end of the run to decrease your heart rate below 100 bpm.

The ideal speed for cooling down is walking at 1.5 mph. Breathe deeply again and release your muscle. Check your body and see how you feel after the workout to have proper adjustments for the next session.

This step is as important as a warm-up. Because it will help to prevent dizziness, headache, or the feeling that you are moving although you have already stopped working out.

To sum up.

I hope you will get some useful tips for treadmill beginners.

By following our simple principles, you can make sure to have an interesting workout within your comfort zone without suffering from injuries or burnout.

If you have any comment or anything to share with us, do not hesitate!

Thank you for reading.


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