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If you are a real fan of the gym, good chances are that you often get around with the treadmill and elliptical, the two most common cardio machines there. These kinds of equipment offer gymers effective cardiovascular workouts and calorie burn.

Which one should you choose for the next cardio workouts

However, not everyone knows that each model is built with unique benefits and purposes. So, which one is better at burning calories: a treadmill or an elliptical? Which one should you choose for the next cardio workouts?

Today, we are going to give you the correct answer after doing a lot of researches about these two machines. Now, let’s get started!

Treadmill benefits

If you’re a keen runner who spends most of your time in the gym, logging miles on the treadmill is more effective than other cardio machines. However, we are receiving more than we expect from running on a treadmill. Here they are:

benefit treadmill

  • Versatility. Whatever you want: an uphill sprint or a brisk walk, treadmills will offer endless options regarding incline, speed, and training programs. Cool!
  • Natural movement emulation. Since technology keeps developing, people can catch up with a lot of new models with advanced technology. Treadmills now are good at emulating natural movements for jogging, walking or sprinting.
  • High-quality output. Lose your body weight with your treadmill requires substantial effort. However, treadmills will give you the expected results since they help burn calories at a higher rate.
  • More extra effects to your body. The most popular belief is that running on the treadmill will gradually strengthen your muscles and bones. However, the results may be far more than that. You can also aid more proper postures and sustainability once the aging process affects your body.

Well, treadmills have been around us since the 1800s, and now we can see them almost everywhere, either at home or in the gym. With all the benefits mentioned, we believe that now you can feel comfortable to give it a try.

When to use the treadmill

Looking for the best treadmill

Treadmills can be useful for multiple situations and purposes. If you’re aiming to run for fitness or simply weight loss, working out on the treadmill from three or four days a week will be a real game-changer regarding strength, leanness, and stamina.

And, if you’re training hard for a race/competition, it is advised that you spend two to three days working with your treadmill for more hands-on control of pace and incline. These machines will push you to the limit and encourage you to try harder. Moreover, you can shave off lots of energy with treadmills.

Elliptical benefits

Grab yours an elliptical now

You have known the high potentials of treadmills, but remember that they are not the only choice for you. The elliptical is also excellent equipment for runners on a daily basis.

See why they are good for your regular workout routine here:

  • Non-impact machines. Elliptical allows the human body to effectively emulate running motions with no strenuous impact on the joints. So, don’t worry about any bad case happening while you are working out on your elliptical.
  • Cross-training ability. Elliptical equip trainers with moveable handles, so they enable you to exercise both your upper and lower body part simultaneously. Sounds awesome, right?
  • Reverse stride. With an elliptical, you can stride in reverse easily. This way, different muscle groups will be well trained. You will put more emphasis on the quads and adjust mid-workout more easily.
  • Lower perceived exertion. Studies have shown that people work harder when doing exercise on an elliptical. The perceived output is better than what we often expect. That’s why with the elliptical, runners will burn the same amount of targeted calories with less effort.

When to use the elliptical

The fact is that the elliptical can’t replace outdoor running or the treadmill, but they seriously benefit all runners to the maximum, particularly overtired or injured runners. The elliptical provides them with a lower-impact experience, offering a proper break on the joints when needed.

When to use the elliptical

The elliptical is totally perfect for low-impact conditioning and active recovery for runners wishing a rest from their regular running routine. So, when injured runners would like to get a slow but effective improvement of their pain, the elliptical is the best choice.

The elliptical is also good to use when people want to mix their fitness routine up to free themselves from boredom. The reason is that this kind of equipment allows users to get the cardiovascular benefits directly from a tough workout while delivering lower impact.

Elliptical vs. treadmill: Calorie burn comparison

A study conducted by the Medical College of Wisconsin has shown that jogging on treadmills for an hour will help burn the average calories from 705 to 866.

To support the easier comparison, Health Status estimated that a person who used an elliptical trainer for an hour burned approximately 773 calories.

A lot of similar researches and studies also gave out the same results to show that for calorie burn, treadmills seem to work less effectively than elliptical. Though the same amount of workout and at the same time were applied, we still see the differences.

Regarding the aerobic capacity and fat loss, people using treadmill or elliptical experienced the same physiological changes when they did the program in 12 weeks.

Final thoughts

Now, we believe that you get all that you need to compare the effects, the purposes of treadmills and elliptical. Just give us some seconds to sum it up.

An elliptical is good for cardiovascular health improvement, high-intensity interval training while treadmills are effective for body weight loss. Both of them are good to reap the best health benefits.

Read our article and find out the best one that suits your needs! Happy hunting!


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